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A storm is named by a National Met Service (Met Éireann, Met Office in the UK and KMNI in the Netherlands) when orange or red level wind speeds are forecast to impact over a wide land area. Orange or red level gust wind speeds can occur in exposed areas without the event being named. Ireland's Weather Warnings will be issued at and on the Met Éireann app.

Storm Name Impact Dates Highest Sustained Highest Gust Highest Rainfall Lowest MSLP

Named by:
Met Éireann
Saturday 31 October 2020 Sustained 98 km/h (53 kt) at Malin Head, Co Donegal around noon on the 31st Gust 130 km/h (70 kt) at Malin Head, Co Donegal at 12:57 utc on the 31st Rain 33.6 mm at Glencar (Dreenagh), Co Kerry on the 31st MSLP 978.7 hPa at Belmullet, Co Mayo around 6 am on the 31st

Named by:
UK Met Office
Saturday 26 December 2020 Sustained 85 km/h (46 kt) at Mace Head, Co Galway around 7 pm on the 26th Gust 122 km/h (66 kt) at Mace Head, Co Galway at 9:23 pm on the 26th Rain 26.5 mm at Newport, Co Mayo on the 26th MSLP 961.2 hPa at Malin Head, Co Donegal around 10 pm on the 27th

Named by:
UK Met office
Thursday 21 January 2021
Other dates: 19th to 22nd
Sustained 56 km/h (30 kt) at Malin Head, Co Donegal around 6 am on the 21st Gust 78 km/h (42 kt) at Malin Head, Co Donegal at 6:35 am on the 21st Rain 7.7 mm at Markree, Co Sligo on the 22nd MSLP 973.8 hPa at Malin Head, Co Donegal around 3 am on the 21st

Named by:
6-8 February 2021 mainly for UK and the Netherlands Sustained 69 km/h (37 kt) at Malin Head, Co Donegal around 3 am on the 7th Gust 83 km/h (45 kt) at Malin Head, Co Donegal at 3:26 am on the 7th Rain 2.0 mm at Sherkin Island, Co Cork on the 7th MSLP 1002.8 hPa at Valentia Observatory, Co Kerry and Sherkin Island, Co Cork around 5 pm on the 7th


Sustained wind speeds refer to the average (10-minutes) land wind speeds.
Gust wind speeds refer to the average (3-seconds) wind speeds.
Rainfall refers to the rainfall total measured over 24 hours.
MSLP refers to the hourly mean sea level pressure.

The warning colour coding system is explained on and the colours given in the image above indicates if land station observed orange, red levels winds or rainfall amounts. The table above provides details for each storm, including a link (on the storm name) to the named storm statement.

The colour levels given in the table are when the highest station observation for sustained and gust wind speeds, together with rainfall totals over 24 hours, are reached at a station, this is different than the criteria above which is that a warning issued for widespread wind speeds and this difference should be noted.

Yellow. Not unusual weather. Localised danger.
Widespread sustained wind speeds > 50 km/h
Widespread wind gusts speeds > 90 km/h
Rainfall* > 30 mm in 24 hours
Orange. Infrequent. Dangerous/disruptive.
Widespread sustained speeds > 65 km/h
Widespread gusts speeds > 110 km/h
Rainfall* > 50 mm in 24 hours
Red. Rare. Extremely dangerous/destructive. Widespread sustained speeds > 80 km/h
Widespread gusts speeds > 130 km/h
Rainfall* > 80 mm in 24 hours

* Amounts can be up to double on windward upper slopes and impacts vary depending on, for example, soil moisture deficits.