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The datasets available hereunder consist of daily rainfall totals (81 annual files), maximum (732 monthly files) and minimum (732 monthly files) air temperature point values on a 1x1km grid Irish Grid (TM65) covering the land of Ireland. Interpolation models were used to calculate the rainfall and temperature grid point values with model inputs from observations recorded at Met Éireann stations. For monthly, seasonal and annual gridded datasets, we recommend you use the grids on The climatological standard normals datasets are available at

Daily rainfall totals are expressed in millimetres (mm) and are collated by year from 1941 to 2021. The daily rainfall total is presented without a decimal point. For example, a value of 123 is equivalent to a daily rainfall total of 12.3 mm. The number of stations available for rainfall gridding analysis varies each year, from 436 stations in 2020 to 519 stations in 2014. The average number of stations available each year was around 488. While in 2021 there were up to 455 stations.

Example for daily rainfall 2021: IRL_DLY_RR_2021_grid.csv.gz
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Daily air temperatures are given in degrees Celsius (°C) and are collated by month for each year from 1961 to 2021 with each file containing a month of data. Mean temperature values can be determined by calculating the average of the maximum and minimum temperature at a point, that is: Tmean=(Tmax-Tmin)/2. The number of stations available for temperature gridding analysis varies each year, from 48 stations in 1961 to 105 stations in 2004. The average number of stations available each year was around 84. While in 2021 there were up to 59 stations.

Example for maximum temperatures December 2021: IRL_DLY_TX_202112_grid_IDW_09Z.csv.gz
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Example for minimum temperatures December 2021: IRL_DLY_TN_202112_grid_IDW_09Z.csv.gz
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