Blight Map

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These maps show accumulated effective blight hours (EBH) for the next 3 days (left), 4 days (middle) and 5 days (right) on the island of Ireland. Pale green areas have a very low blight risk (0-3 EBH), dark green areas have low blight risk (4-6 EBH), yellow areas have a medium risk of blight (7-9 EBH), orange areas have a high risk (10-12 EBH), red areas have a very high risk of blight (>12 EBH).

Blight Graph

Blight Meteograms

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The meteograms below show Relative Humidity (RH), Temperature (TEMP), Effective Blight Hours (EBH) and 3-hour rainfall for various stations around Ireland. These meteograms are based on ECMWF forecasts. See the latest Farm Commentary.

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